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Andes 2 Mile High Club of the Sacred Valley

Exclusive Andes 2 Mile High Club house Base  located at 11,300 feet
Operations base for all sport aviation activates of club members

Membership has its privileges !

Join the Andes 2 Mile HighClub of the Sacred Valley
Members can participate in the many aeronautical and educational activates in the sacred valley of the Incas.

Our Club members have been flying the spectacular Andean sky’s around Cusco Peru since 1998.  Bringing smiling faces to tourists as well as being featured in films and documentary’s world wide.   Now as a Aero Club Members can enjoy many more aviation activates in the Andes then ever before.
The Aero Club operating from 2 Miles above sea level offers members the following Aero Adventures Above the sacred valley of the Incas.
> Sightseeing Hot air balloon flights
> Flight pilot mountain flight training courses

The Aero Club will soon be offering more exciting flying adventures to its club members
>   Ultra light,  Para gliding,  Delta wing hang gliding,  Parachute jumps,  Wing suit jumps,  Glider flights,  Lite Airplane landing strip,  Helicopter flights n heliport.

Jeff Hall Professional pilot from Andes 2 Mile High Club of the Sacred Valley

Our balloons n pilots
The founder of the Aero club Jeff Hall has been flying hot air balloons since 1996, he holds an FAA commercial hot air balloon pilots license as well as FAA  A&P license, a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical university in Daytona beach Florida.  Jeff worked as an airline mechanic in the USA before coming to Peru.
He is the first pilot to have flown in balloon all over Peru over more than 40 pre Hispanic ruin sites.  Over the years Jeff has appeared in many documentary films and TV shows.  Photos from one of Jeff’s ballooning expeditions across Peru are featured in children’s book  “los vuelos de Kon” about a boy that flew all over Peru in a balloon learning about the ancient culture of Peru.


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