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Globos de los Andes Hot Air Balloon flight programs 2008


Globos de los Andes Official Policies.
We try very hard to make things clear and simple in all aspects of our flight operations.  Safety is our number one overall concern, we adhere to all aviation regulations and flight standards to make our flights  most enjoyable to our passengers.  Our mission is to make your visit to Cusco and Peru a most enjoyable and memorable experience.
Balloon flight programs
Globos de los Andes offers two flight programs, the content of the two flights are similar only the launch site differs. Take off times are the same; 7am. We do not operate at any other time of the day for passenger safety.  Only one of the two programs will be made on any calendar day.
Flight Programs
To make a flight we must have minimum of five 5 passengers
If there are less than 5 passengers, flights can be made at the same price of 5 passengers.
Globos de los Andes takes bookings only as confirmation that there is space availability for the flight dates requested. A booking is not a guarantee a flight, it is only a means of finding out that there is space availability on the day requested.
Once a booking is made, to guarantee the space for the requested flight day a deposit of  33% of the full price must be made to make a reservation.  Making No deposit guarantee may result in loss of space if the flight fills up by reserved passengers.
Required passenger info for reservation:
Weight, passenger weight in pounds or in kilos, passenger identification document (passport) indicating country. Any special needs required by passenger should be noted.
Flight date
All passengers must have flight paid in full 24 hours before the date of reserved flight.
Flight pricing
We list our official price on our web site that is subject to change.  All prices are listed in USD $ (united states dollar)  Once a flight is reserved the price will not change.
For our current prices click here.
Payment methods
Please write to us at res@globosperu.com
for all payment methods, bank wire transfers and credit card information.
Any information about Globos de los Andes flight programs and pricing found on any source, be it a web site, travel agency or travel guide book is not considered valid by Globos de los Andes.  Check our web site for our up to date pricing and programs.
Cancellation by Globos de los Andes
Globos de los Andes reserves the right to make the cancellation of any flights due to weather conditions, or any other conditions that would effect the safety of passengers, such as civil strikes, protests, impassable roads, and acts of God.
In the unlikely event of a cancelled flight, Globos de los Andes will try to accommodate passengers on an alternative date, if that is not possible a full refund 100% will be made to the individual party that made payment to Globos de los Andes for the canceled flight.  If flight was paid by a tour agency the refund will be made to that agency and not directly to the passenger.
No show

For what ever reason the passenger does not show up at time of pick up or flight lift off, all moneys paid to Globos de los Andes are forfeited with out re fund.

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